Optimize and secure your PIC scheme

The most popular expenses claimed under the PIC scheme are part of only 2 qualifying activities.

Did you know?

The most popular expenses claimed under the PIC scheme are part of only 2 qualifying activities: the acquisition or leasing of PIC Information Technology (IT) and Automation Equipment and the external training of employees.

There is a considerable potential to increase your PIC by optimizing the list of expenses claimed under those two qualifying activities and by identifying additional eligible expenses under the four other qualifying activities. Don’t miss this opportunity to save more money and get cash to growth your business!

Companies must maintain proper records of their financial transactions and retain the source documents, accounting records and schedules, bank statements and any other records of transactions connected with their business. The record-keeping period is set to five years since 2008.

Our approach

You are already using the PIC scheme; we are looking for additional eligible expenses among your past and current investments to increase your PIC Scheme. We are also assisting you to integrate smoothly new reporting tools to be able to maximize your PIC.

We identify additional eligibles expenditures to the PIC among your investments and prepare supporting documents to secure those claims. We are also providing you support and recommendations to optimize your PIC scheme at Year + 1.

Our approach can benefit to any company but it is particularly relevant with companies leading technical and innovative projects. Our expertise and experience will allow us to understand and to analyze your technical projects (IT, industrial processes, etc.) to detect eligible expenditures to the PIC.

We are providing to our clients one file compiling all supporting documents to justify each expense claimed under the PIC scheme. Thus all supporting documents are ready to provide to the administration in case of enquiries or audit. We are also assisting our clients to reply to any enquiries from the administration.

GAC advice

«Many companies are confident of their usage of the PIC without noticing that they miss significant opportunities on certain investments. Although most of the companies manage to claim successfully on IT instruments and software and external training, companies miss certain claims on other type of investments or projects that could allow them to double or triple their savings.

From our various experience with our clients already using PIC, we manage to detect complementary savings for them by qualifying technical projects that they did not expect to be eligible, and by defending to the Administration new equipment that were not a-priori eligible.»