Release of the new e-guide for R&D tax measures in Singapore


IRAS has recently released complementary information about R&D activities which will qualify for tax rebates and the PIC Scheme. Those updates are in line with the processes and good practises that our team of technical experts is implementing in Singapore since 2011 based on GAC worldwide experience.

The key announcement of this new guide is the implementation of a pre claim system. The names of the 5 prestigious members of the Technical Advisory Panel have been released in the meantime.

And definitively, R&D boundaries go much further than teams wearing white coats! We have proven success stories from our customers which have enjoyed great PIC enhanced tax deductions and cash refunds thanks to our expertise by claiming R&D activities in technical fields such as IT & Medias, Manufacturing, Microelectronics, Environment, Healthcare, Big Data… within Start-ups, SMEs and MNCs!

However, claiming R&D activities requires a deep expertise and rigorous process to avoid delays and rejections. We know how to optimize and secure R&D claims since more than 12 years, while minimizing your implication and maximizing your cash and savings.

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