PIC Training

GAC experts are available to train you and your team to learn how to optimize and secure your PIC Scheme. Feel free to contact us for more information.

GAC Group provides a 4-hours training : “How to optimize and secure your PIC Scheme?” covering the following items:

1. Presentation of the PIC Scheme
2. How to optimize and secure your PIC Scheme?
3. How to claim the expenditures eligible to R&D activity?
4. Q/A session

This training is relevant for :

• CFO and Finance Manager
• Managing Director of MNCs
• Founder of startups and SMEs
• HR Manager in charge of training programs
• Head of R&D and CTO

Please note that the training can be tailor-made for your needs upon request.

GAC group also gives one-hour free talks for an overview of the PIC Scheme with the Chamber of Commerce, Industrial associations, innovation-related networking groups, Startup and SMEs networks, etc. in Singapore.

Should you have any interest, feel free to contact us for additional information : click here