Our project

Serving companies, GAC advises and acts on 2 major levers of competitiveness: innovation financing and international development.

After founding his first company in 1988 — the EFE group, which became a leading European training, consulting and publishing firm — Patrice Bougon, a former tax lawyer, wanted to offer his customers consulting services that combined financial, tax and technical expertise. In 2002, this French “serial entrepreneur” created GAC, an acronym standing for Grande Armée Conseil (as the first office was located next to the Champs-Elysées in Paris, on the Grande Armée Avenue) and for its international brand Global Approach Consulting.
A new “auditing, consulting, training” concept for managing local taxes was born!

GAC is an international consulting firm specialized in R&D tax credit and innovation funding for more than 10 years. Through its expertise, GAC supports companies to optimize their access to public funding schemes existing in countries where GAC is located: Singapore, France, Spain, Belgium, Canada and Brazil. GAC team is composed of 300 employees including 200 scientists, engineers, tax and financial experts serving 2500 clients around globally.

GAC has been locally implanted in Singapore since 2011 to help its global clients in their development in Asia by identifying, applying for and securing funding to support training, development of services and products or processes improvement.

Our vision in Singapore

We are driven by a strong belief in innovation and meaningful partnerships.

We do master innovation financing and R&D tax credits beyond the common understandings.

We deploy our expertise through a tailor-made approach and with a deep attention to individuals belonging to start-ups, SMEs and MNCs.